Early Bees for the Early Honey Flow

The main honey flow comes early in most parts of Virginia with Tulip Poplar and Black Locust blooming the first week of May. That is why beekeepers starting new hives, re-populating dead-outs, or strengthening existing hives should try to obtain their Virginia package bees or nucs as early in the Spring as possible.

For the Spring of 2022, Royal Bee Apiaries expects to be offering package bees to Virginia at a target date of March 19th. We also plan to offer nucs by the end of April.

We also plan to offer package bees and nucs at later dates for the convenience of those who may prefer that.

To be sure of obtaining your Virginia package bees at the time you desire click on “package bees” above. For nucs, click on “nucs" or "products" to see what we have available. 

Remember, don't build your hives ON the flow, build them up FOR the flow! 

Royal Bee Apiaries wishes you a bountiful honey flow!

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